Our Story

In response to the climate crisis, the impact on our wildlife and to boost children’s mental health Tales from Mother Earth was formed in 2020. By compiling a realistic and touching animal series of children’s audio/picture storybooks (book & cd sets, with downloadable audio tracks), told from the point of view of Mother Earth, we aim to raise awareness among the young (3-10 years), highlighting the current threats our wildlife is facing from erosion of natural habitat, climate change and plastic pollution.

It’s all about reconnecting and empowering children with the natural world in a positive way. To enable this, we’ve added many different age-related stimuli to the contents so that over time as a child’s understanding and abilities grow, their engagement is maintained with a fun, interactive and rewarding experience, helping children understand how their actions, no matter how small can make an impact for good.

Right from our initial discussions we wanted our stories narrated by Mother Earth (hence our name) and each story had to have a conservation message in it, complete with action points for the reader to follow and implement. We wanted our stories to be realistic, depicting how wildlife is coping in todays troubled environment, and by reaching a child’s heart with a story, we wanted to share with them the wonders and vulnerabilities of nature.

Every one of us can help and do something that can benefit our wildlife directly today. Little actions such as, picking up rubbish, planting wildflower seeds and feeding the birds can all help to ease the burden.

Our philosophy: Let’s teach our kids what they can do to look after the wildlife that needs help today and improve our children’s mental health at the same time – whilst they listen and engage with a story that touches their hearts, connecting them with nature in the most positive of ways. Which is so much more than a storybook!

We hope you have great fun reading our stories, listening to our music and joining us on our journey. Thank you! 💚

Tales from Mother Earth Creative Team

Jenny Bailey

Co-Founder, Author & Director


Our amazing Illustrator and Artist

Chris Symons

Our wonderful Composer and Musician

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