You can help

Please help our bees!

Bees pollinate our crops, allowing us to grow the fruits and vegetables we need to live. Sadly, bees across the world are in trouble and are facing an unpredictable future. This is due to habitat loss, farming practices and of course climate change.

However just like in our story, we can all do something positive to help bees thrive again. Your garden or window box could be the answer, if they are managed in a bee-friendly way.

Here’s how we can help our bees today
  • Dedicate an area of your garden or window box to bee-friendly wildflowers or leave an area where weeds can grow naturally

  • Avoid using any form of weed killer in your garden – instead, hand weeding is best, or grown-ups can use boiling water

  • Let your lawn grow, allowing clover, daisies or Phoebe’s favourite dandelions to thrive

  • In a saucer provide water for bees to take back to the hive

  • Provide a bee house for solitary bees

help our wildlife thrive

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