Did you know it was National Children’s Gardening week and we celebrated by linking up with Kabloom?

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Keep safe everyone.

Although the country is in lockdown, we are still taking enquiries about our fun primary school Story Workshop Assemblies once schools are open again.  Meet Phoebe the Bee and learn all about why bees are so vital to our existence.  It’s interactive and educational, please see the comments below.

We combine musical interactive games, the full story of Phoebe the Bee, a history and nature lesson in each and every assembly all packed into a time period of your choice.  For further details email hello@talesfrommotherearth.co.uk, we would love to hear from you.

Stay safe and keep well.

Recently we had a great chat with Fatimah Abbouchi from Agile Ideas in Australia about the journey Tales from Mother Earth has been on.
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Stay safe and keep well.

In these troubled times, we are all very aware of the importance of conservation and doing all we can to nurture and encourage generations young and old to appreciate the natural world. Therefore, our collective mission is to collaborate and bring about a lasting change, one that will encourage wildlife to prosper and one that will ultimately benefit us all.

By compiling a touching series of realistic animal and insect children’s stories, we aim to raise the awareness of the plight our natural world is facing in these uncertain times of climate change, erosion of natural habitat and plastic pollution. Through active learning our books are aimed to educate and inspire the young.

Stay safe and keep well.

Today I had a lovely chat with Allan Archer of talk: Wildlife about all things nature, how Tales from Mother Earth came to fruition and of course, Phoebe the Bee.  You can see our conversation by clicking on the book cover above.

Stay safe and keep well.

The world today is an uncertain place to live with worries for our physical and mental health. The impact Covid19 has had on the world is astounding. Though this is a difficult time we’re trying to remember to look at the small things we can take pleasure from, to boost our spirits and help us through this troubling experience.

We’re enjoying the first signs of spring, with the emergence of beautiful flowers, it’s a sure sign that the coldness of winter is dying away as the earth warms up. With blue skies, birds tweeting in the trees and the emergence of bees, busy trying to do what they do best.

It’s been declared by the Earthwatch Institute in the last meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London, that bees are the most important living being on the earth – so it seems very apt that we made Phoebe the Bee our first story of the series.

You may not realise it, but bees have been placed on the endangered list as almost 90% of the bee population globally has disappeared in the last few years. It’s critical that we all try to help, as 70% of the world’s agriculture depends exclusively on bees. They work hard pollinating our crops and currently due to climate change, the uncontrolled use of pesticides, lack of flowers and deforestation, they are having to work even harder just to survive.

Just like in Phoebe’s story, we can all do something to help. At the back of the book and here on the website, we’ve provided some top tips on how you can help the bees. Every reader, young or old, can learn the many ways in which we can make a difference and allow the bees in our area to prosper, even if it’s one flowerpot at a time.

Keep safe everyone, do your bit to help stop this pandemic and stay well.

From all at Tales from Mother Earth.

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When trying to boost your home-schooling day’s activities, wanting to add something creative to the schedule or just plain needing five minutes to boil the kettle(!), why not download a copy of our colouring in page for your children to enjoy?

It’s a great conversation starter for introducing children to conservation starting with how to look after and encourage more bees to your garden.

Our website gives you details on how you can look after, protect and boost the bee population, use our ‘Get Involved’ page for top tips and action points; you can click through to our friends pages too who have even more ideas.

How to:  Right click on the image above.  Click on ‘Save Picture As’ and it’s yours!  Don’t forget to take a photo of the finished artwork and add it to your chosen social media account with #phoebethebee.  If you email the image to us (hello@talesfrommotherearth.co.uk) we can add them to ‘Your Pictures’ in our ‘Gallery’ here on the website.


We were recently invited to Hunton CofE Primary School to run a story workshop assembly.  It was so nice to introduce the whole school to Phoebe the Bee and the plight of bees across the world.  We discussed which other animals need our help and we very quickly agreed that all animals need us to do something to help them thrive, especially in these uncertain times.

It was so lovely to meet the staff and children of the school and I think we were all surprised to learn just how long bees have been on earth and all that they have done for humanity.

Remember to plant your wild flower seeds so that together we can see Phoebe and her friends busy pollinating and collecting nectar.

Thank you to the staff and pupils at Hunton CofE Primary School, it was a pleasure to meet you all.

It was so exciting to meet everyone for spring crafts and story time at Kent Life. We made pipe cleaner flowers, coloured in some Phoebe the Bee pictures and watched the Phoebe story.

We added wildflower seeds to the organic pots – our enormous thanks to Singleton Environment Centre for supplying us with the seeds – we can’t wait to see what grows.

Hopefully everyone went away having learnt a little more about bees.

Take a look at the Our Pictures section of the Gallery to see some photos of the day.

Thank you to everyone at Kent Life in Maidstone for having us.