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Happy Head Podcast

It was wonderful chatting with Paul Wilson recently when Jenny joined his Happy Head Podcast. They discussed many subjects from bees, hedgehogs, sustainability to mindfulness and planting – in all honesty there wasn’t many topics they didn’t touch on. Grab yourself a cuppa and join us to listen in. Thank you Paul for the invitation […]

Energy Speaks Podcast

Thanks to Paul Webb, Energy Expert for his wonderful podcast Energy Speaks Back. It was lovely chatting with Paul and being part of it – No.24! If you missed our discussion on how Tales from Mother Earth is making a difference, our journey and what this means to us, you can catch it here.

How to tell a magical story to a child

Our thanks to Ivelina Borislavova who runs Mother Nature Loves You, a lifestyle and food blog for the opportunity for our co-founder and author Jenny, to write a guest blog for her website. “Many times, as a parent I’ve made up stories with my children, as I’m sure we all have. Invariably, all of mine […]

Youth Climate Summit 2020

  It was a pleasure and a joy to participate in the #YouthClimateSummit2020 and share our story workshop Phoebe the Bee – teaching children about the vital role bees and the other pollinators play in our world. Here is the celebration video marking the event, where over five themed days, thousands of schools came together to […]

Guest Blog: Inspiring the Next Generation

Jamie Sneddon, Experienced Field Biologist/Ecologist, Munlochy, Scotland My earliest memories of being obsessed with animals involve watching the Lion King. I still have the VHS, but you would see mostly static if you tried to watch it, thanks to countless hours of watching and rewinding. As I grew up, I would get myself into trouble […]