Spring has Sprung!

The world today is an uncertain place to live with worries for our physical and mental health. The impact Covid19 has had on the world is astounding. Though this is a difficult time we’re trying to remember to look at the small things we can take pleasure from, to boost our spirits and help us through this troubling experience.

We’re enjoying the first signs of spring, with the emergence of beautiful flowers, it’s a sure sign that the coldness of winter is dying away as the earth warms up. With blue skies, birds tweeting in the trees and the emergence of bees, busy trying to do what they do best.

It’s been declared by the Earthwatch Institute in the last meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London, that bees are the most important living being on the earth – so it seems very apt that we made Phoebe the Bee our first story of the series.

You may not realise it, but bees have been placed on the endangered list as almost 90% of the bee population globally has disappeared in the last few years. It’s critical that we all try to help, as 70% of the world’s agriculture depends exclusively on bees. They work hard pollinating our crops and currently due to climate change, the uncontrolled use of pesticides, lack of flowers and deforestation, they are having to work even harder just to survive.

Just like in Phoebe’s story, we can all do something to help. At the back of the book and here on the website, we’ve provided some top tips on how you can help the bees. Every reader, young or old, can learn the many ways in which we can make a difference and allow the bees in our area to prosper, even if it’s one flowerpot at a time.

Keep safe everyone, do your bit to help stop this pandemic and stay well.

From all at Tales from Mother Earth.