Welcome to our exciting venture that is Tales from Mother Earth and our very first blog. We are super happy to bring you our first book in the Tales from the Countryside series Phoebe the Bee.

By being creative and writing our stories and music, depicting realistic lovable animal characters and insects that reflect the current struggles our wildlife is facing, we hope to ignite action in all of us as we all learn what we can do to improve the situation.

We don’t have to be passive learners, when we can be active. Also, by being active we feel whole lot better about everything as we’re making something happen and therefore change can unfold before our eyes.

In our books we’ve given you not only a list of helpful tips and information on how you can help our wildlife, but also some puzzles and activities to enjoy. After reading the stories you can fill in the blanks in the missing words in our crossword, or why not use your artistic talents by colouring in the cover page. Then, when you can’t possibly add anymore colour to the page, why not take snap and send us your picture to hello@talesfrommotherearth.co.uk so we can add your page to our Gallery here on the website. Don’t forget, you can always share your picture online by using #phoebethebee

As well as us offering you useful information, we have teamed up with the experts too. On our ‘Get Involved’ page you’ll see further information regarding this, and you can learn many new things. Ever wanted to know how to build a pond in your garden that is a magnet for all wildlife, or your very own hedgehog house for a prickly friend or even a bee hotel from just a simple log of wood – all these and more incredible and cost effective wildlife solutions can be found on these pages thanks to our friends at The Kent Wildlife Trust, The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Singleton Environment Centre Ashford.

So, what are you waiting for… we need to bee-kind as Phoebe certainly needs new flowers so her family and all of the amazing pollinators out there can benefit from harvesting the sweet nectar and pollen? Now is the perfect time to get planting your wildflower seeds. I wonder how many bees you can spot in a day when your flowers bloom? You’ll have to write in a tell us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and learning how you are making a difference for the wildlife in your area. You can do so much, and we want you to enjoy the journey with us. Why not take some pictures of your wildlife in your area and send it through to hello@talesfrommotherearth.co.uk as we would love to see and share your stories.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy our books immensely and engage with the activities. We also hope this gives you a drive and enthusiasm for the wild world around you, knowing that you can be part of something special and that if we work together lasting change really can happen and you’ve helped in that process.

Thank you for being part of the team from all at Tales from Mother Earth.